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Welcome to the web site of Life Insurance Advisors, Inc., a fee-only consulting firm offering a rare fiduciary approach to advice about life insurance. This site aims to provide an educational resource for those wanting to make intelligent, money-saving decisions about new or existing life insurance policies, and products and their applications.

The special advice and value provided here has drawn favorable attention from the major financial press, including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Our fiduciary approach is highly unusual in the life insurance industry. It makes clients aware of all the best life insurance options for new or existing insurance, regardless of the company and including no-commission alternatives. Commissions and compensation are fully disclosed and reduced to the maximum extent possible.

For new insurance policies, we provide independent evaluations of proposals and projections and recommend the companies and products likely to offer the best value. For new permanent life insurance, we suggest its purchase in ways that can often reduce commissions by 80 percent or more, or avoid them altogether. This approach minimizes policy expenses and substantially increases benefits.

We also review the performance of existing insurance policies. Most of them are not performing nearly as well as the projections made when the policies were sold. Many “permanent” insurance policies are on course to fall apart, without corrective action, before the deaths of the insured.

Our services include long-term care and disability insurance and annuities as well as life insurance.

At a minimum, this site should give you new insight about life insurance companies and products and the right questions to ask when evaluating insurance proposals or existing policies. We welcome your thoughts and comments as well as the possibility of serving you.


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