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The Insurance Forum is a monthly periodical published by Joseph Belth, Professor of Insurance Emeritus from Indiana University. Most of its contents would likely be considered too technical or esoteric for a consumer audience, but Professor Belth is a clearly a neutral and expert commentator with no ax to grind. One must subscribe to see most article contents.

The life insurance section of the website of the Consumer Federation of America is also a good neutral source of information. While we do not agree with all of their general advice, such as some of their suggestions about shopping for term insurance, the CFA material on life insurance is both quite extensive and unbiased. Also, you may click here to see Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.’s suggestions on “How to Shop for Term Insurance.”

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the association of state insurance departments. The insurance industry is largely regulated by the states rather than the Federal government. The NAIC site contains links to the various state insurance departments.

The NAIC and various state insurance departments offer some short consumer guides on life insurance. They tend to be brief and general. A couple of examples are “Tips for Buying Life Insurance” and “Understanding Life Insurance: Should You Change or Cancel a Policy?”.

Information is available on each of the financial rating agencies that grade the financial strength of insurance companies. While it is not possible to determine all of the ratings for a particular carrier from the sites of the rating agencies, one may wish to view them. They are:

A.M. Best

Fitch (previously Duff & Phelps)


Standard & Poor’s

Weiss Ratings

Some insightful commentary on the weaknesses of on-line term insurance quoting and brokerage services is available at It is interesting to note that the conclusions on this subject are quite different from those of the Consumer Federation of America. Click here to see Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.’s suggestions on “How to Shop for Term Insurance.”

Some of the best journalism about life insurance appears occasionally in Bloomberg Wealth Manager, a monthly periodical circulated at no charge to financial advisors. Note that the magazine’s content addresses personal financial planning and investments generally, and relatively little of it touches on life insurance. When it does, however, it is generally very good.

For general information relating to estate planning, we recommend the public resources and suggested links of the Probate and Trust Division of the Real Property Probate and Trust Section of the American Bar Association and the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC), a national, invitation-only group of top estate planning lawyers.