Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.
Fee-only Insurance Consulting


Guiding Principles

As fee-only insurance consultants, Life Insurance Advisors, Inc. overcomes the problems of typical life insurance sales practices and provides a unique value proposition by adhering to the following core principles in dealing with our clients:

Full Disclosure:  We assure that all agent commissions and other compensation are disclosed while also seeking to minimize these costs. We also fully explain any potential conflicts of interest.

Independence and Objectivity:  Unlike agents and brokers who have a duty to the companies that license and pay them, we are free from obligations to anyone other than our clients.

Maximizing Value and Reducing Expenses:  We recommend what we believe will provide the maximum returns from an investment in a life insurance policy with the least cost to the client, consistent with an acceptable level of risk. We seek to minimize the cost impact of commissions and other compensation. Wherever possible, we offer a significant savings and added value over policies purchased without our advice. This is often accomplished by structuring policies in a way that substantially reduces sales commissions frequently by 80% or more or avoids them altogether, thereby greatly increasing policy rates of return.

Access to all Companies and Products:  We help clients search out and consider all of the best product and company options that might be appropriate, which, in some cases, are no-commission products.

Unbiased Reviews of Existing Insurance Policies:  Much of our work involves independent reviews of the performance of, and potential problems with, existing insurance policies. These are performed with no bias in favor of replacing a policy or taking other action that will produce a commission.